Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Features on Harvest Moon Forever

After some thought, I have added a few new features to my Sites, including direct links to Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games sold by Amazon as well as a detailed 'Search' engine for this site at the bottom of this page. Another 'widget' of Amazon links is included at the bottom of the page as well, leading to some of my favourite literary Classics. (I will add to this one. At the moment, it contains only links to books by E. Nesbit.) The link to Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games includes the upcoming 'Hero of Leaf Valley'.

Unfortunately, where older Harvest Moon games are concerned, the prices on Amazon sometimes are higher than the original retail prices. I do not condone this particularly, but at least it does provide players who do not own the games with a chance to acquire them if they are willing to pay the price.

There should be 'buyer protection' for any products bought from Amazon sellers.

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