Friday, April 30, 2010

Fishing in Hero of Leaf Valley


'Save the Homeland' was a wonderful game, but I have to say that 'Hero of Leaf Valley' surpasses it in every way, at least in my view. Any aspect of 'Save the Homeland' that frustrated me somewhat has been changed and improved in HoLV.

Fishing is one aspect of the game that is immeasurably more fun and satisfying in HoLV. I was prepared to face a rather frustrating long initial phase of catching nothing, followed by a long procession of boots and empty bottles. Much to my delight, this was not my experience at all. There was a day or so when my Character had to go home without any fish, but after that, he at least was able to catch more than one Fish on any fishing expedition.

The actual Fishing mini-game is fun. Even more satisfying is the Character of Ponta and the 'Fish Prints' he creates. They are works of art, quite exquisite, a vast improvement upon the rather insipid King Fish prints that would be your only souvenir of catching some of the rare fish in older HM games.

Incidentally, the rule in HoLV that allows you to offer only one item per day to any Character as a Gift does not apply to 'collectors' such as Ponta (who collects fish) and Tim (who collects insects). You therefore can continue to give Fish to Ponta in the course of a single encounter until you have obtained everything you wish.

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Dacialyn said...

I always follow ur walkthru closely for HM : Boy & Girl for psp! Gonna explore the town a lil while before you've the full walkthru, not pressurizing u though, but u really did a gd job on walkthrus! =D