Friday, April 16, 2010

Harvest Sprite Aid with Farming and Animal Care

I have written posts previously about the best strategy to employ while you still are trying to bring all of the Members of every Sprite Team to Harvest Sprite Island in Sunshine Islands.

Once you have all 45 Sprites on the Island, your strategy can change.

All this information now is included in my General Guide but it may be useful to post it here.

In particular, it appears that when you have a full Team of Orange Sprites at 10 Hearts, you can hire a single Sprite to FEED or MOVE your Animals in and out of the Chicken Coop or Barn. One Sprite alone can fill every feeder in the largest Barn in an instant at 6.00 a.m. One Sprite similarly when hired to MOVE your Animals can bring them out of the Barn or back into the Barn in an instant!

Animal Care Enchantments and Farm Aid Enchantments are not defined by size as are those that raise Friendship or affect Prices and Materials. You simply choose the number of Sprites that you wish to hire. Furthermore, the rest period for these Enchantments is only 3 Days, irrespective of the number of Sprites hired to perform the work. In contrast, a Large Enchantment to Lower Prices requires a rest period of a full season.

What this means in practical terms is that you can hire one Sprite to feed your Animals almost every day of any season, only begin required to feed them yourself on the day after any Enchantment ends. On that day, you should return to Coral to order a new Enchantment by another Member of the same Team...

Moving an Animal outside is a potent remedy against Stress. When you are in a position to hire a single Member of the maximised Orange Team at 10 Hearts to move your Lifestock outside instantly, you should be able to reduce any Stress caused by a severe storm to zero. In fact, as the same Sprite can be ordered to return all the Livestock to the Barn instantly at the end of the day, there is no reason to leave any Animals outside after dark. This is so much easier than pushing your Animals one by one manually in and out of the Barn... I advise players generally not to bother putting any Livestock outside unless they can hire a Sprite to do the work.

Chickens, on the other hand, can be carried easily outside by your Character and deposited in a small pen made from Material Stone or any other building material. When Poultry or Livestock are outside during daylight hours in fine weather, their Affection increases as well.

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