Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hero of Leaf Valley Guides

I received my copy of 'Hero of Leaf Valley' this morning. Many thanks to Natsume! This is simply a brief announcement to the effect that work has begun on the Guides for the PSP title and that I hope to have a preliminary General Guide/Walkthrough published by IGN by noon tomorrow. It will be rather skeletal, to say the least, but will contain basic useful information.

Meanwhile, there is a part of me that wishes I could divide myself and begin a new game of 'Sunshine Islands', return to my ongoing 'Animal Parade' game and explore 'Friends of Mineral Town' again!

As a matter of fact, I am planning to make a video about Mayor Thomas, including his Events in FoMT, HM DS and the marvelous Event with Trent in Sunshine Islands. He is a bit of a shady character, as players familiar with him in different HM games know. After all, what Mayor with ANY dignity would come to your farmhouse begging for an item every year to satisfy a gambling wager???!

Which brings me to another question:

In those games where your Character has the option to beat him over the head with a farm implement, how many players chose the option to 'continue'?

The reason I mention FoMT, actually, is because I did start a new game yesterday in order to film the introductions to Thomas, Cliff, Trent, Karen and Popuri. Within the first half hour, I was drawn into the game once more, despite the knowledge that I would not have time to pursue it, especially with 'Hero' in the wings.

What a wonderful game 'Friends of Mineral Town' is, even now! They may create new systems, but the old games have enduring appeal. I look forward to a day when those old games will be available on ALL the new systems perhaps, when one will be able to download FoMT, MFoMT, HM DS, Cute DS and so on both to the Wii and to whatever descendant of the DS allows it... or even the PSP...

Which brings me to the DS Lite. I still love that system, despite the newer versions. How marvelous to be able to have Sunshine Islands, for example, in one slot and FoMT in another and to play either at will! How clever it was of Natsume to allow FoMT/MFoMT to unlock the Mineral Town characters in HM DS/Cute DS. I loved the way one could exist in two separate towns with two separate lives and yet have a crossover, as in AWL/AnWL with FoMT/MFoMT and FoMT/MFoMT with HM DS/Cute DS. The only problem with that was the demise of the systems for the games. When the GameCube was supplanted by the Wii, the option to connect to FoMT/MFoMT disappeared. You can PLAY AWL and AnWL on the Wii but how can you unlock Van's visits to Mineral Town?

That is where I hope one day that Marvelous and Natsume will create a downloadable method to unlock extras in the old games and play them on all the new systems.

Finally, it delights me to recognise that the underlying philosophy of Harvest Moon in Thomas' Introduction in FoMT continues to define every new Harvest Moon game: 'It's your farm, and you can do whatever you like.'


Razpberrie said...

Freyashawk, there's a question I want to ask about the game. Where's the goddess spring? There are many rivers in the Goddess Spring Area so I'm really confused. Please help. Thanks

TomeoV said...

when you first enter the spring walk pass the one with the bridge n 2 trees and go to the next one {the one with 2 tunnels}. throw in a fruit after 12 to talk to her

Freyashawk said...

It's the round 'pond' where a Turtle 'lives'. If you visit her on a rainy/snowy day, she will be cross with you or if you visit her too early in the morning or late at night. She will grant wishes only between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.. She is the only character who will accept a second 'Gift' after you give the first offering for a Wish and it is possible that it is the second offering that raises her FP in such a case. I'll post a screenshot of the Goddess Spring here for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Freya.
Sorry to bother you (again). i have posted a question on Natsume official forums and your blog as well ( on the perpetual calendar that u posted recently). i want to ask you something about event that occurs on Spring 10th (2nd year). form what i read from your event list, there will be Goddess appear in our home on spring 10th (shoot for the stars) but when i opened the door, nothing happened. Its cloudy, but i believe i mave met all the requirements of FP and i have smoothly face all the events that you write in your guides :)
what should i do, this event only happened in 1 day,... i am so confused right now. Thank you again! i'll be waiting for your reply :D

Freyashawk said...

I created a post with screenshots to show the Harvest Goddess Spring. Her 'Most Favourite' Gifts in HoLV are Crops (Vegetables), worth +3 FP.

Freyashawk said...

Anonymous, I have answered your post on the forum but will answer it here as well. It is my fault entirely and I do apologise. I don't know how the Event slipped into the Spring section of the Calendar. It is supposed to occur on 10 Summer and indeed, is listed correctly in the Summer season on 10 Summer. Somehow, I duplicated the entry in Spring... there is no visit on 10 Spring. Thank you for bringing the error to my attention, but I am heartily sorry for the obvious distress it caused. These Events Calendars are the most difficult to create as they involve so much cross-referencing and I feared I would make errors as I work fast, trying to make the information available as quickly as possible.

Freyashawk said...

P.S. I do not think there is any weather requirement for this particular Event on 10 Summer. If I do not mention the weather, then the Event should trigger in any weather.

harvest_moon45 said...

freya plz go look at my blog im new but i have some questions i really need your help with.

johnlerry said...

freya,hey can the harvest sprites get to help me from my work on the farm. if it wud b possible how can it be done?? thank you

Freyashawk said...

harvestmoon45, I answered your question on your own site.

Johnlerry, if you are asking about the Sprites in HoLV, I am unaware of any possibility that they can help on the farm. What they will do, in return for the gift of a Mushroom, is give you Special Fishing Bait. When you scatter this on the water before you cast your rod, you will catch NO rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Hello Freya!
Thank you so much for solving my problem :)
And thank you too, for the great event guide that you made :D
I really appreciate that, and now I'm on my 3rd year, Summer, eager to marry Alice, hehe.
Its all thanks to you I have come through finishing all the event on this game.
Thank you again, and don't mind the error :p
Hmm, I propose to Alice on 24 Spring, shouldn't I get married at 1 Summer?
How come there is nothing happening except chester coming talking about earthday? :o
Later, Freya! :D
Just call me Fv.

Stara Pisarka said...

Sorry to bother you - I've got a question.
It'm playing Hero of Leaf Valley - it's winter, 1st year and I've got 50 000G. Is there a way to give the money to Alice? Or do I have to wait another year?
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hello Freya , i have a question when one of the Mecha events you fail for example Mechaevent 4 the horse race ... if you lost will the upcoming Mechaevents gona be canceled .?

Anonymous said...

Hello, how can I give Louis the crop from his seed? Is it okay if its just a normal potato? Thank you! I'll wait for your reply! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello sir Freya,

Sorry to be a bother but I have a question, what is the benefit of marriage, I figured there wont be a baby, so after you marry them what now? thank you :D

Anonymous said...

hey freya, can you continue events that you haven't triggered in year 3? i wasn't able to get the events of the azure swallow tail, harvest goddess dress and the ocarina.. tnx for helping..

Anonymous said...

Hallo, just wondering how many chickens and cows you can keep after upgrading? Thanks and thanks very much for the awesome guides!

Anonymous said...

Hello! i just want to ask something. i hope you could help me with this as soon as possible. I already have 24 fish prints but the underground lake is not yet available. also, it's fall 9, year 1 already and the next chamber of the mine isn't available also. i already mined for like 25 times. please help me. i've read your posts a lot of times already but nothing's happening. i'm so frustrated right now and i want to quit :(

bragaivypuff said...

Hello there .. I really need your help guys .. I am now at year three fall ..
And I think I have missed events .. So , I wanna experience events starting fall year 3 .. Kindly tell me the events , location , time and others .. I really need your help because I have missed events in spring and summer .. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Need your help.. its already winter 9 but i have not increased my dog's affection yet. no single heart ever appeared. been feeding him with fishes, berries, eggs, verything he might like. and picking him up everyday. what is the matter? feeling hopeless now.