Thursday, August 27, 2009

Score Attack in Frantic Farming

In my first video introductions for Frantic Farming, my focus was Story Mode, as it is the Stories that are windows into the lives of the characters from Island of Happiness, offering more insights into their relationships as well as humour, drama and friendly rivalries.

It is Score Attack Mode that probably should be a player's first experience with Frantic Farming, however, as Score Attack allows a player to familiarise himself/herself with the puzzles. Furthermore, you can unlock all new Characters either by completing the game in Story Mode using other Characters OR by playing the game a specific number of times in Score Attack Mode.

In Score Attack mode, your score is significant only when it is your highest score, as it then will be entered in your Records. A low score, however, is as effective as a high score in terms of counting towards a total that will unlock a new character.

Furthermore, you can experience the Special Skills of all the characters in Score Attack. The Special Skill of each Character is one of the most entertaining aspects of Frantic Farming.

This video shows all the unlockable Characters in Frantic Farming and the Special Skill unique to each:


bluebomr2 said...

Hi, Freya. :> I just got Frantic Farming and I'm having a lot of trouble getting through some the levels without running out of mature crops. What can I do to avoid this? Also, do you have any other helpful strategy tips? I've read your guides and they did help, but I still seem to be lacking a bit...


Freyashawk said...

Oh, bluebomr2, I hate to tell you that I am a little relieved to discover that OTHER players are having trouble beating all the levels! I thought I was useless until a few other players whom I know are very good at this struggled a little as well.

I still haven't beaten Chapter 7 of Vaughn's Story.

bluebomr2 said...

Well, actually since the date I posted this comment and now I was able to get farther in the game. It took a hell of a lot of practice, but I've gotten 10 out of the 12 character's story modes complete.

I asked for help from a lot of friends, and some could barely beat mark and Chelsea's, so i started feeling a little better hehe. Anyway, I've picked up on a few good strategies. First of all the longer chains are imperative.... I've picked up about 60,000 points in a single chain by having a golden crop at the end of the line. If you focus on making smaller/normal chains with other crops and 'save up' a ton of the character's 'favorite' crop and score a golden crop at the end of the line, winning becomes marginally easier.

The toughest stages by FAR the the survival ones. Pierre's level 1 stage is uncommonly difficult D: The amount of rocks Mark sends at you is STAGGERING.

Freyashawk said...

I agree. If you read my latest post on Frantic Farming, you would see that I have described some of the same strategies you use, especially with respect to the Gold Crops. I have no trouble racking up high scores if there is no time limit... but with a time limit, I become far less successful. Would you be willing to transcribe and send me the text of some of the Stories I have requested in my latest post on FF?