Sunday, August 2, 2009

Consolation Prizes for losing the Quiz Contest

I have learned NOT to trust dialogue in Rune Factory Frontier. In my first year, I won the Quiz Contest and made a simple video about it, showing some of the questions that can be asked as well as the effects of 'Super Gramps Time'.

At the end, the Consolation Prize for the losers was announced and declared to be 'Int. Vitamins'.

I thought about that and realised that Intelligence Vitamins, with a Skill Level Requirement of 90 and a number of rare ingredients, including Tuna, Little Crystal and Blue Crystal, was far more valuable a prize than all the fruit that Freyr 'won'.
In the 2nd Year, therefore, I decided to lose the Contest.

Rather to my disgust, the Consolation Prize when I lost was FRIED PIKE. No mention whatsoever of the valuable Int. Vitamins.

Furthermore, Mist was a participant in the 2nd Year, and her habit of following Freyr into whatever square HE chose made it more difficult to win the Contest. I replayed the Event a few times. Each time Freyr won, the Consolation Prize for the OTHER participants was Int. Vitamins. Each time Freyr lost, HIS Consolation Prize was FRIED PIKE.

Super Gramps Time proved to have a multitude of variations as well. In one case, one randomly selected character was given the opportunity to make bonus points form the last question. In another, the person with the lowest score was given a bonus, much like the result Freyr experienced in the first year. The most unjust 'Super Gramps Time' result, however, is shown in the following video, where every one EXCEPT Freyr can make 10 extra points from the last question. Here is a video that shows the Quiz Contest in the 2nd Year, with Mist's participation and the most unfair Super Gramps Time... It includes clips showing both Consolation Prizes as well as the end.


Anonymous said...

yeah... the "everyone except me gets 10 points if they get the question correct" was the one i got.

can you even win with that one?

Michi said...

It truly is annoying that Mist always follows you to get the correct answer. As a result, I noticed that whenever there is that little dialogue and Mist suddenly decides to switch to your square, you can actually move and prevent her from entering your square. I was able to keep her out of the box several times. I don't know if it works all the time though.

Ruby Dragon said...

:lol: That's hilarious!! I can't believe Mist is written into the game as "following you around for answers!!"
*I admit, that at least takes the monotony out of things but - it might be tough to win, if the 2 are always neck-and-neck!! lol Great video, thanks!!
*I can't wait to play Frontier - what platform is it for, the DS? Thanks! =3 *hugs*

Freyashawk said...

Thanks for commenting, Ruby Dragon. Rune Factory Frontier was made for the Wii. I hope you have one and can play it, because it is wonderful. The original Rune Factory and Rune Factory 2 were made for the DS platform and it appears that there will be a Rune Factory 3 game for the DS with a character who can transform into a Wooly!

The prizes for winning most of the Contests in Rune Factory Frontier are fairly inconsequential. Yes, you get a lot of Level 1 fruit if you win, but by the 2nd year, you should have higher levels of each type of fruit in your Fridge. Of all the prizes, I like the 'cheating' prize for the Adventure Contest the best: the Toy Sword for an 'immature' cheater!

Anonymous said...

What????? You can cheat?? Oh, they can tell if you reset?