Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lava Ruins Walkthrough

It is not a masterpiece in terms of artistry, but here is a Walkthrough for the Snow Ruins. It shows both the paths to the Shortcut Stairway and the Isolated Stairway on each Floor.

Although I did not find Energy Drink X in any Treasure Chest or White Urn on the 4th or 5th Floors of the Lava Ruins, Sue, who asked for the Walkthrough for the Snow Ruins, managed to find Energy Drink X on the 3rd Floor of the Lava Ruins. Well done!
I have created a separate post describing the path to the chamber on the 3rd Floor that often yields E. Drink X.

You will find Energy Drink X very often in the twin Towers built on the Floating Chamber of Whale Island. That would be the easiest method of obtaining it if you haven't the Skill to make it yourself yet. Simply take Rune Stones to Whale Island and either climb the rope or use the Circle Portal (if you have defeated the Giant Squid) to go directly to the upper levels, then open all the doors of the twin Towers and search the Treasure Chests... I usually would find 4 to 8 Energy Drink X in a single visit, not to mention all the Little Crystals of various levels. (More likely to find 4 Energy Drinks than 8, in all honesty...) In fact, using a Grass Stone for each door at the Tower of Life, as soon as you climb the Rope, you should be able to net at least 2 Energy Drink X from the Treasure Chests behind the locked doors. If your levels are low, there is no need to fight any Monsters as you can avoid triggering the action of the Generator if you are careful to creep along the southern wall.

The locked doors in the Tower of Life require Grass Runeys, however, and I personally would advocate a visit to the Tower of Birth instead, where all Rune Stones are accepted and you therefore can use Water Rune Stones. The Tower of Life yields only Level 2 Little Crystals as well as E. Drink X. Level 2 is not significantly better than the Level 1 Little Crystals found in the Tower of Birth, where you can use Water Rune Stones to unlock the doors. Grass Runeys tend to be the most precious but Water Runeys are generated in great quantities in all seasons.

Remember that the best tools can be made effectively with only Level 1 Little Crystals as you then can use two pieces of Scrap Iron to upgrade them to higher levels. It is only when forging the best weapons that you would be advised to use higher levels of Little Crystals. The Tower of Glory yields Level 8 Little Crystals as well as E. Drink X. If your levels are low, however, you should limit yourself to explorations in the Tower of Life as you then can avoid combat with powerful Monsters.


sue said...

Once again a great walkthrough from you. The Energy drink X can be found in Lava ruins B3F , passed the pile of rocks which silver cab be found , down the stairs , turn left where the a bomb in front of a door , its the on the room opposite which is on the left, when there's creature spawing in there i've found 2 Xdrink on my first visit and randomly i've found ketchup and 1 x drink and i was at level 33.Sorry if my description is messy! Would you be doing the next walkthrough for Whale island Tails onwards until where the final boss is ...just trying my

I am still rummaging my way tru snow ruins still on B2F cause i can't survive the falling ice and the enemy is so strong. Which weapon n armour whould u recommend? Btw i did read tru all yr written walkthrough which i find very useful. Thanks again.

Freyashawk said...
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Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Sue, for your information about Energy Drink X in the Lava Ruins. Oh, the irony of it! I returned to the Lava Ruins, confirming the location and frequency of the E. Drink X on the 3rd Floor chamber with the Summers and then accessed my Bestiary Guide in order to add the details about the Treasure Chests there. Rather to my surprise, the information was IN the original Screen-by-Screen Walkthrough I wrote a month or so ago... So I have duplicated my own work now by writing a new detailed description of the location for this site. I'm afraid I can't remember everything about every game nowadays, but that is why I write the guides. I use them myself. It's unfortunate I didn't do a search of my own guide for 'Energy Drink X' in the Lava Ruins Walkthrough when you first asked the question.

I actually DID make a Walkthrough for the Floating Chamber and all the Towers some time ago. It focuses on Little Crystals but will take you through every Tower on Whale Island and show you where the Water Tower is as well as the lever that unlocks it.

Freyashawk said...

By the way, Sue, I could have sworn I answered your question about weapon and equipment recommendations when you asked it in a comment about the Snow Ruins Walkthrough.

Anyway, here are my recommendations:

As both Kross and Ganesha will tell you, the Monsters of Snow Ruins tend to be strong in Water Element and weak to its opposite, which is Fire. You therefore either should equip accessories that give Water protection or Fire Attack. The Aquasword provides Water Resistance of 10 points as does the more powerful Heaven's Tear, even though their Water Attack will not serve well against Monsters strong in the Water Element. If you want Fire Attack, you can forge a Flame Sabre or a Shine Blade. The Heat Axe or the more powerful Flame Axe will serve well when destroying ice crystal formations and are useful against monsters with Water element. I generally preferred the Luck Blade and then its more powerful successor, the Smash Blade, however, in ALL dungeons, because these offer protection against Poison and Seal and you always will find Monsters who have the power to inflict those Status Ailments. That's just my personal preference, however. Incidentally, your Tomahawk has Wind power and therefore would be a better choice against Monsters with the Earth Element, not the Water element.

In terms of Accessories, the Water Cape is a good choice to protect against Water/Ice Monsters. As I wrote in my other comment, there are many food items that will offer temporary power of Fire attack or Water protection/resistance... Sashimi and Ice Cream come to mind.

sue said...

I am getting so used to tomohawk that i was not forging other weapons and main reason cause my forging skill is low as i keep concreating in fishing n crops skills for $$$ I will now try to increased my forging skills using yr recommendations.

I have a hard time looking for water crystal for icifier, i was surprised as i thought i had it since i have all the 3 types of crystal but when i read that many players are also finding hard to locate where are the water crystal but ganashe does sell them in her shop but i prefer if i can find them myself. Do you know where i can find them?

p/s yes you did answered my question on about weapon and equipment recommendations but somehow i missed reading that post, sorry about that, next time i'll be more careful. Cheers!