Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Innocent Life Railway Information

I need to add this detail to my Innocent Life General Guide but I'm afraid I don't have the original file with my codes as I have gone through three different laptops since I first wrote the guide... If there are delays in ever updating old guides, that is one of the reasons. I think I need a computer secretary or personal assistant!

That having been said, here is some information on the Railway Basket system to augment the section in the Guide.

You need to set up the rails next to the Shipping Bin rather than attempting to end the line AT the Shipping container. In other words, create your Railway system as an infinite looping circle that connects at all points. Then set your Baskets on it and fill them or allow your 'helpers' to fill them. As the Basket passes the Shipping Container, it will operate as a hoover to suck the Crops into the Shipping Container.

Another use of the Railway system is as a mode of transport for your own character who can hop onto the platform and 'ride the rails'. This is simply fun and has no real practical application but I always enjoyed it.

Thanks to a player named Stephanie who asked me about this some months ago and worked on her own system. Apologies to her for not having updated the actual guide yet!

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