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Birthdays and Most Favs for Eligible Girls in Rune Factory Frontier

Note on 4 May: I have created a Rune Factory Frontier Characters Guide now and am in the process of creating a Courtship and Marriage Guide. All birthdays for Eligible Girls and some information about Most Favourites are included in the Characters Guide:


Birthday: 1 Autumn
Most Favourite Gift: Emery Flower
Easiest Favourite Gift: Turnips
Other Favourite Items: Turnips, Radish, 4 leaf Clover, Croquette, Baked Apple, Fried Udon, Seafood Gratin, Sweet Potato, Cake, Steamed Bread, Cheese Bread, Pound Cake
Most Detested Gift: Pickled Turnip
Actual Dialogue:
Mist: I’ll be looking forward to those turnips.
Me: … Does this mean I have to give her some turnips later…?
Official Description: The girl next door. A bit aloof and random but is very nice. Likes Turnips.


Birthday: 21 Autumn
Most Favourite Gift: Cherry Pie
Easiest Favourite Gifts: Strawberry, Hot Milk
Other Favourite Items: Roasted Yam, Strawberry, Corn, Cherry Grass, Hot Milk, Hot Chocolate, French Fries, Ear of Corn, Hot Chocolate, Omelet
Most Detested Gift: Milk
Rosetta: Let me tell you a little secret, Freyr.
Freyr: What is it?
Rosetta: My birthday is on the 21st of Autumn. I’ll be waiting for a present.
For Roasted Yam on her birthday:
Rosetta: (Thank you!) Thanks! You’re really considerate for getting me Roasted Yam for my birthday.
Rosetta: One of the things I like is ‘Roasted Yam’ (Baked Sweet Potato). I love how sweet it is. I also like strawberries and Hot Milk. I guess I really like sweets.
For Hot Chocolate or Strawberry: Thank you! But how did you know what I liked? Don’t tell me you like me. … No way. But thanks anyway.
Rosetta: Oh, by the way, I never liked drinking milk. I know I shouldn’t be picky about food, but I just can’t drink it.
Official Description: The girl at the grocery store. Her words may sting at times, but she is always hard at work.
Background history:
Rosetta: Did I tell you that my family runs a general store? My father does most of the work, but I used to help out. What I learned there is helping me do what I do now.
N.B. This refers to her life in Kardia in the original Rune Factory.


Birthday: 1 Winter
Most Favourite Gift: Chocolate Cake
Other Favourite Items: Strawberry, Berry Jam, Grape Jam, Orange Jam, Apple Jam, Lamp Squid Sashimi, French Toast, Donut, Pancake
Most Detested Gift: Vegetable Juice
Actual Responses:
For Strawberry or Berry Jam(with music): Why, thank you. How did you know what I liked?
Lara: I actually like sweets. Like chocolate cake and jam… I know it’s bad for my health to eat too much of it, but I just can’t help myself…
Official Description: The nurse/sister at the church. Nice to every one but tends to worry a bit too much.
Cinnamon: In this season, it’s all about the Cross. Out of all the constellations, it’s thought to be the most mystical.
Freyr:: Oh, there must be a lot of stories behind it, then.
Cinnamon: I’ll tell you about it when you find it. You can see the Cross a bit late at night. Go find it.
The Cross Constellation is associated with Lara and can be viewed after 8.00 p.m.


Birthday: 11 Spring
Most Favourite Gift: Relax Tea
Easiest Favourite Gifts: Wild Grasses (any colour)
Other Favourites: Charm Blue, Medicinal Herb, Black Grass, Orange Grass, Yellow Grass, Red Grass
Most Detested Gift: Mayonnaise
Melody: I love Relax Tea. I drink it while I’m in the bath to relax even more.
For Relax Tea: This is Relax Tea! It’s for me?! Thanks! I love you!
For Medicinal Herb: For me? Thanks! I’ll take anything you want to give me.
Melody: My birthday is on the 11th of spring. I’ll be waiting for a present!
Melody: Is there anything you don’t like to eat, Freyr? I hate mayonnaise. Just looking at it sends a shiver down my spine, so don’t ever give it to me!
Official Description: The always lively bathhouse owner. Always in search for the perfect bath.
It is Melody who will give you a Hammer when you reach the source of the Spring in the Cave Depths at Whale Island.
She will make a number of Requests for different wild Coloured Grasses by letter. As always when completing a letter Request, give the required item to Anette to deliver to Melody.


Birthday: 8 Summer
Most Favourite Gift: She has None but will accept some items with less rudeness than others
Note that in terms of advancing your Courtship, Bianca will be affected more by conversation than gifts of any ordinary items. Your best strategy is simply to speak to her daily during the Summer season.
Response to ordinary Gifts:
For Amethyst, Aquamarine (Lv. 7), Orange Marmalade, Energy Drink, Berry Juice, Udon, etc: What is this? Is it for me? I suppose I’ll take it off your hands.
For any accessory that qualifies as ‘jewelry’, even if it is a simple Pendant or Wing Ring, she will tell you:
Bianca: Your tastes haven’t changed it seems… I guess I’ll put it on, since you tried…
Response to accessory items she scorns:
For Hand-Knit Hat: You should be ashamed by your lack of taste.
For edible items she detests:
For Hot Rice Ball: (with cross hurt and thunder): You’ve got some nerve.
Bianca: There is a food called ‘Bavarois’. Id’ like to try it once. Bring it to me if you find it, but I won’t hold my breath.
Bianca: Once I get bored of Trampoli, I may move to another summer home. You’ll have to entertain me so that doesn’t happen.
Official Description: The young miss of the opulent Viviash household. Seems selfish but has a tender heart.
A ‘Treasure Hunt’ is connected with Bianca. You will experience an Event with her wherein you find the beginning of a poem on a piece of paper. Go to the Conservatory to find the next hint, then to the little island to the right of the Beanstalk Island at Lake Poli to find the final verse with a Diamond. When you next visit Bianca, you will find a Wedding Ring in front of her house, triggering the last Event in this series with Bianca.


Birthday: 12 Autumn
Most Favourite Gift: Porridge
Easiest Favourite Gifts: Flour
Other Favoured Gifts: Apple, Mixed Juice, Mixed Ole
Most Detested Gift: Sashimi
Tabatha: I really like rice porridges. Am I strange for liking it? I think the cooking method of porridge is actually one of the most elaborate. (with hearts) You can feed it to the sick so I think it is a very gentle food.
For Porridge or Flour: Thank you very much. I can see that you purposely selected something I liked.
Official Description: The elven maid under Bianca. Gentle and perfect in all her work.


Birthday: 17 Autumn
Most Favourite Gift: Mont Blanc
Easiest Favourite Gifts: Moondrop Flower, Toy Herb, Pink Cat, Charm Blue
Other Favoured Gifts: Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Emery Flower
Most Detested Gift: Any Fish
For Moondrop or Toy Herb: (with music): Wow, thank you! I’ll be sure to cherish this flower!
Actual Dialogue:
Eunice: Did I tell you my birthday, Freyr? My birthday is on the 17th of Autumn. It’s the season when everything tastes good.
Eunice: I love sweets!
Note that any gift of sweets is against her own interests. As she herself will tell you:
Eunice: I love sweet stuff. But because of that, I have a little problem… I mean, nothing. I was just talking to myself.
For any gift of Fish: I’m sorry… I don’t like… fish…
Eunice: I just don’t like fish. I know it’s bad to be picky about food, but I just can’t eat it.
Official Description: The innkeeper’s daughter. Loves housework but suffers from her father’s genes.
N.B. Although Eunice personally hates fish, she will Request a Fish in a Letter. Give the Fish to Anette to deliver rather than giving it to Eunice herself!
Note that, at 4 Hearts, you will experience an Event with Eunice that gives you the option to persuade her to go on a slimming programme. If you tell her that you like slim girls, she will vow to become slim herself. From this point forward, she will declare that: ‘Sweets are the enemy!’
She even will reject her former Most Favourite gift, Mont Blanc, declaring that:
For Mont Blanc: N-no! I can’t eat cake while I’m on a diet!
Give her flowers instead!


Birthday: 26 Spring
Most Favourite Gift: Magic Crystal
Easiest Favourite Gifts: Chub, Sardine, and other Fish
Most Detested Gift: Any Dish made from a dead creature, such as prepared Fish
For Chub or Sardine: … Thank you. I like this.
For any ‘prepared’ or ‘cooked’ Fish, she will tell you: …Thank you, but I’m not very happy.
Official Description: Magician girl living in the Clock Tower. Does not like talking. Likes fishing.
Cinnamon will give you her used Fishing Pole and will teach you about seasonal Constellations in the night skies. She believes in ‘catch and release’ where fishing is concerned, and therefore will prefer the gift of a whole Fish to one that has been prepared in your Kitchen.
You can obtain a boost in Heart Level by finding the Constellations she describes to you.
Actual Dialogue:
Cin: Pike is in season now. Do you like Pike, Freyr?
My choices:
I like them.
I actually hate them.
Whichever answer you give:
Cinnamon: … Oh.
Cinnamon: You get Fall Fish in Autumn, but I don’t know where you can catch them. Find out about it.
Cinnamon: Black Fish is good in autumn. You can make it into sashimi or just roast it with salt. I really like it.
Note that, despite her dialogue with respect to Black Fish, she only appreciates the living Fish as a gift!


Birthday: 4 Winter
Most Favourite Gifts: Pumpkin Tart, Croquette
Easiest Favoured Gifts: any Fruit; Strawberry
Other Favoured Gifts: Boiled Egg
Detests: Eggplants
Actual Dialogue:
Anette: There! Now I’m done with the deliveries for today. I’m feeling a bit hungry now. Today is a great day for ‘Pumpkin Tart!’
Anette: I just love to have some Croquette after a hard day’s work!
Anette: I love fruit! You don’t even need to add sugar because it’s already sweet.
For Strawberry (with music): Huh? It’s for me? Thanks!
Anette: It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but I hate eggplants. What’s with that creepy colour?
Official Description: The ever-energetic mail delivery girl. Has a problem of being chased by monsters.


Birthday: 3 Autumn
Most Favourite Gifts: Rice Ball, Sandwiches
Most Detested Items: Gems
Actual Dialogue:
Selphy: Oh! I like sandwiches and rice balls. Things that I can eat with only one hand.
Selphy: The heroine in the book I’m reading right now was born on the 3rd of Autumn. Apparently it has some deep meaning. I’m feeling a really strong affinity towards her. That’s because my birthday is also on the 3rd of Autumn.’
For Rice Ball: Wow, thanks! I love rice balls!
Selphy: You know what? I really hate jewels.
Freyr: What?! That’s really rare. I thought most women like jewels.
Selphy: Probably. But just don’t ask me why, okay? It’s elementary, my dear Watson!
Freyr (with tear): (Who’s Watson?)
Official Descriptions: Loves books. So much so that she often forgets to eat, which worries Lara.
At 4 Hearts, you will experience the following exchange:
Selphy: I got buried under the books when they fell the other day and Lara had to save me.
Freyr: Didn’t the books fall before?
Selphy: Haha, you got me there! Lara told me that it’s dangerous so I have to clean up the library.
My choices now:
I think you should, too.
I think it’s fine the way it is.
Freyr: Well, I think you should, too. It’s dangerous if the books fall again.
Selphy (with thunder and cross hurt): Ugh… You’re saying that, too?


Birthday: 15 Summer
Most Favourite Gift: Golden Hairpin
Easiest Favourite Gifts: Black Sashimi, Char Sashimi
Other Favourite Gifts: Gold, Magic Crystal, Turtle Shell
Most Detested Gifts: any Vegetables
Actual Responses:
For Char Sashimi or Black Sashimi: Is that for me?! You knew that I am partial to fish… I must thank you.
For Char Sashimi on her birthday: Char Sashimi! This makes me doubly happy because today is my birthday. Thank you, Freyr.
Polite response to ordinary gifts:
For Red Grill Sashimi, Hot Milk: For me? Why, you have my thanks.
Note that, although she will tell you she is ‘partial to fish’, it is only certain varieties that truly please her.
Official Description: Comes from a distant land of the East. Loves to learn about cultures.


Birthday: 23 Winter
Most Favourite Gifts: Tomato Juice
Easiest Favoured Gifts: Moondrop Flower or any other Flower
Most Detested Gift: Garlic
Official Description: A wondrous girl. Sleeps during the day to stay out of the sun. Loves flowers.
Iris is an artist who seeks to capture the atmosphere of the floating island in her pen and ink drawings. She actually is an ancient member of a Vampyre Tribe and thus will recoil from Garlic. Experience a special Event by attempting to give her Garlic.
Actual Dialogue:
Iris: Don’t you just feel like drinking tomato juice impulsively sometimes? You don’t? I guess it’s just me…
Iris: I’m enjoying the flower patch that you grew. I really love flowers.
For Tomato Juice: Is this for me? Thank you! I love tomato juice!
For Moondrop Flower: Thank you! It’s a very pretty flower… I’ll be sure to cherish it!
Freyr: Do you draw, Iris?
Iris: Yes. I draw with ink and charcoal. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at it. I hope you’ll come see this drawing after I finish it!
For Garlic:
Iris: Thank you. But… what is this? Is this… garlic…? My vision is turning… dark…
Darkness, then the sound of a heavy thump.
Freyr: Iris! Iris!
Iris: (What happened?) What happened to me? I thought I saw you come to me and…
Lose both Love and Friendship Points for playing a trick like this on a member of an ancient Vampyre Tribe!
Iris will request that you act as her model for a drawing. The result will be less than perfect in her first attempt, but she will continue to perfect her skills.
Iris: I drew another picture. Would you like to see it?
Me (with enthusiasm): Of course!
Iris: I drew a flower patch this time. What do you think?
Me: … (A flower patch…? It looks like a Fluffy exploded…)
Freyr: You’re very good. I think you’ve gotten much better, Iris.
Iris: Really?! I’ll be sure to draw many more piectures then!

Iris (Noire)

Birthday: 23 Winter
Most Favourite Gift: Tomato Juice
For Tomato Juice: Is this for me? Thank you! I love Tomato Juice!
Official Description: The other half of Iris. A liveliness returned to her upon meeting Freyr.
Iris Noire is the other half of Iris, who split in two because of her intense loneliness centuries ago. Her portrait will not appear in the Relations page until you have defeated her on the 3rd Floor of the Snow Ruins.
When she has been reunited with Blanche, she will offer to tell your fortune when you visit her.
Note that although her likes and dislikes are the same as Blanche, she has her own Love and Friendship levels, unlike the ‘twins’ in the 2nd Generation of Rune Factory 2 who were not identical twins but who were treated as a single individual for the purposes of Heart Levels and Events. Make certain to give both girls a gift when you see them.


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I cannot tell you how excited I am to have someone set down at least the eligible girls' likes and birthdays. I feel like the majority of the characters either say nothing about what they like or when their birthdays are OR they mention things arbitrarily that they don't REALLY want or like. Ugh, so frustrating. I'll do trial and error to a point but dang! Give a kid a break!

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