Friday, July 27, 2007

Rune Factory Romance

All those who enjoy the courtship aspects of Harvest Moon will be thrilled with the possibilities in Rune Factory. There are ten different eligible girls and, as in other HM games, you will have rivals!

As one might expect, although most of the girls are ordinary human girls, there are exotic girls as well. One may be a ghost...

Here are the descriptions of the eligible girls:

Bianca: Bianca doesn't seem impressed with you at first, but good deeds can win her over. Does she have an axe to grind?

Felicity: Mayor Godwin's daughter has energetic ideas for Kadira, but lately she hasn't felt well. Maybe you can find a cure.

Lara: Dr. Evward's assistant is always concerned about your health. Do your best to keep her from being overly worried.

Mei: A proven warrior tough enough to be a match for any guy, Mei's convictions are as unyielding as her sword.

Melody: A lover of magic and comfort, Melody runs the local Kardia bathhouse. She respects a man who can cast a spell.

Mist: While Mist doesn't seem interested in anything other than you working on her farm, she might have secret motives.

Rosetta: Jean's daughter doesn't appear to be interested in poets, but that could change if you don't pay attention to her.

Sharron: Some locals wonder if Sharron is a ghost who haunts the Kasimir Ruins. Maybe you can make her feel alive again.

Tabatha: While Tabatha seems destined to serve as Bianca's maid, you might be the key that unlocks a new life for her.

Tori: Zavier's sister seems shy and apparently doesn't say much, but she knows plenty about most books in the library.

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