Wednesday, July 4, 2007

For all Harvest Moon fans

Harvest Moon is more than a series of games. It represents a philosophy of life and any one who becomes involved in Harvest Moon games will recognise the underlying philosophy in all these games very quickly.

Harvest Moon is NOT about making money or achieving victory over enemies. It is not about winning or losing. The central theme of all Harvest Moon games is working harmoniously with the environment and with society to improve every one's quality of life.

Using the land and natural resources wisely are lessons that are taught by Harvest Moon. Making friends and being able to sustain friendships over time are other lessons that are critical to the player's success or failure.

In this web log, I will include basic gaming advice as well as detailed hints for players. Links to all my Harvest Moon guides can be found on this website for those who are looking for detailed walkthroughs and guides to specific games.

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vaugns sweet heart said...

i love vaugn
only to right very right you are a true philosophy lover am i right me to but i am only 11