Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rune Factory Preview

I received Rune Factory this afternoon and have begun to keep a game journal in preparation for the General Guide.

Natsume actually has made games like this in the past, but nothing that fully combined the farming life of traditional Harvest Moon games and the combat of traditional RPGs. Legend of the River King involved fishing as well as fighting monsters but it did not have the farming life so central to Harvest Moon. Now we can farm and fight as warriors! Moreover, we can raise monsters as 'friends'.

In the Shipping List, I have found most of the traditional seasonal Harvest Moon crops as well as some very intriguing new items.

I can't wait to fully explore this new Harvest Moon game! At the start of the game, the only weapons are a basic Hoe and Watering Can, but that soon will change.

As a little preview, I am including one section of the Shipping List:

Aqua Ring
Amethyst Ring
Emerald Ring
Sapphire Ring
Diamond Ring
Ruby Ring
Happy Ring
Cursed Ring
Fire Ring
Wind Ring
Earth Ring
Silver Ring
Gold Ring
Platinum Ring
Critical Ring
Silent Ring
Parasite Ring
Poison Ring
Magic Ring
Cheap Bracelet
Bronze Bracelet
Silver Bracelet
Gold Bracelet
Platinum Bracelet
Aqua Broach
Amethyst Broach
Emerald Broach
Sapphire Broach
Diamond Broach
Ruby Broach
Heart Pendant
Star Pendant
Sun Pendant
Gale Pendant
Tear Pendant
Earth Pendant
Silver Hairpin
Gold Hairpin
Fancy Hat
Leather Belt
Lucky Strike
Champ Belt
Leather Gloves
Field Gloves
Pierced Earring
Feathered Cap
Brand Glasses
Fireproof Hood
Evil Charm
Magic Earring
Ring Shield
Courage Badge
Feather Boots
Heavy Boots
Leather Boots
Knight Boots
Hero Certificate
Knowledge Certificate
Handknit Hat
Handknit Scarf
Fluffy Scarf
Art of Attack
Art of Defence
Art of Magic

Unlike some Harvest Moon games, there are no question marks to denote items one has not obtained. All items are given at the start of the game. There is a Crops/Wild Item list, a Jewelry List, a Recipe List, a Potions List, a Fishing List and one other list that has Monster Items from Feed to Furs and Fangs, Gems and other unusual objects. What fun this is going to be!

Farming, friendship and love are as vital in Rune Factory as they are in any other Harvest Moon game. It is a kinder sort of RPG in that monsters do not die but are rehabilitated into their original Forest habitat. You can tame monsters and befriend them...

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