Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lovely Farm on Facebook

Another fairly new game on Facebook that has caught my fancy, with its gorgeous graphics and its rather whimsical Items. I am writing a little mini-guide for this game as well.

Early tip: You will be strapped for cash in the early stages but whenever you visit a Neighbour, you can earn +1 XP and +5 Coins for each Crop that you water or fertilise. You will be given the option to water three Crops and fertilise three Crops at each Neighbour's Farm. If you wish to be a good Neighbour, therefore, you must keep a few Crops growing on your Farm.

I have created a little Guide for Lovely Farm. You will find it at:

Freyashawk's Lovely Farm Guide

Lovely Farm Guide on IGN


Anonymous said...

Looks like a very nice game on Facebook ... because of the lack of good harvesting games (plus have not the title Harvest Moon), I did try many of the different Facebook games and the closest yet for me is FrontierVille, but I will try your recommendations now. :)
Right now I'm occupied with Harvest Moon Twin Villages, it's really really beautiful, graphically one of the best Harvest Moon games released. But that's only my impression. I really hope for an American release as soon as possible ... my Japanese is not available and ... even though I managed to find the Animal Town ... I will not be always that lucky.xD

Freyashawk said...

I do believe Twin Villages will be released in English but Grand Bazaar will come first...

I am glad to know that some one is following my posts about Facebook games. I was worried that readers would be disgusted by the change in topic from Harvest Moon to these 'lesser' games.