Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Winning the Sheep Festival in Harvest Moon

Experienced players know that, in most Harvest Moon games, any Sheep who is not fully grown, is pregnant, sick or has been sheared will not be eligible for entry in the Sheep Contest.

In Island of Happiness, the Sheep Contest occurs on 19 Spring. Another difference between Island of Happiness and FoMT/MFoMT or HM DS/Cute DS is the fact that Sheep can be sheared every four days rather than only once each week.

Imagine my embarrassment and disgust when Mirabelle told me that the Sheep I had been grooming for the Sheep Festival, who had 10 Hearts and therefore definitely would win was INELIGIBLE for entry because I had miscounted the days when I last sheared her!

I was forced to enter a Sheep with only 2 Hearts. On the day of the Sheep Festival, my Sheep with 10 hearts had a full coat of wool, one day too late...

I had to listen to all the characters at the Festival as they advised me to 'try harder' and to 'take better care' of my animals in order to be able to win next year. So humiliating.

Just a brief note to players to make certain NOT to shear any Sheep he/she intends to enter in the Sheep Festival the week before the Contest. I do mark the date for 'last shearing' in all my Event Calendar Guides and will do so in my Island of Happiness Calendar Guide as well.

As only one slot is allotted to each game in IoH, I could not correct my error and will be forced to wait until next year to win the Sheep Contest. Oh well...

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ryva05 said...

Oh that's so frustrating >.< I'm in Summer, Year 6 in HMDSCute, and finally this year I'll enter my 10-hearted sheep. I have it fixed on my mind now that I won't sheer it's wool anywhere near the festival date.

Also, in the previous in-game year, one of my cows had gotten 10-hearts a few days *after* the cow festival - oh the timing!

I have just pre-ordered IoH, so I'll be looking forward to playing it :D If I had not read all your blog posts, I would not have been as encouraged to play it, thank you!