Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gender of Child in HM Cute DS

I am afraid I had to be reminded of this by an Anonymous contributor who made a comment on this site... but I am revising this post now. The gender of your child may be determined by an even/odd date, either by the date of your marriage or the date on which you give birth.

As I stated previously, I have not tested this myself in my own games, so will NOT add it to any of my guides. I would appreciate any feedback from players on this topic.

(Note on 27 August: Thanks to all who posted their data here! It appears that the gender IS random, after all, but I would be happy to receive more data if players wish to continue to post it here.)

Anonymous stated that, if you propose on an even day, causing your wedding to fall on an odd day, your child will be a boy. If you propose on an odd day, causing your wedding to fall on an even day, your child will be a girl. This was based on the premise that your wedding would follow 7 days after your proposal, which is not necessarily the case. If a Festival day intervenes, the Wedding will be set a day later... if there are two Festival days or intervening Rival Marriages, then two days later, and so on.

I had been given information to the effect that a child born on an even day would be a girl and that a child born on an odd day would be a boy. As I had not been able to test this in my own games, it did not go into my guide, but a number of players had emailed me to ask why they could not have a girl in Cute, which caused me to publish a post here based on the Anonymous comment.

I since decided that the information is too conflicted to be posted as definitive. What I am publishing instead is a request to players to post their own game results here. What was the date of your proposal? What was the date of your wedding? When was your child born in Cute and was it a boy or a girl?

Ryva posted a comment to the effect that she knew some one who had a boy on an even day. I welcome comments from other players giving their results. I would prefer results from your own game rather than 'I knew some one who had...' because I know from my own experience that one sometimes forgets the precise date of an event in Harvest Moon. If you have a current game, however, your child's birthday as well as your Anniversary Date will be on your Calendar. Please post here! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Kunichiwaa! I would just like to say that this was so helpful…and your seriously the most awsomest person in the world! Or at least in the harvest moon world…anyway very helpful. P.S:I love Japan.

ryva05 said...

I had always thought that the odd/even day theory was proved false since the gender is seemingly determined at marriage? I am not married yet so I'm very intrigued now..

ryva05 said...

Sorry to comment again!
Someone I know had a boy that was born on a 10th, in Cute, which would disprove the 'girl born on an even day' theory. :(

Freyashawk said...

Thank you, Ryva. To be honest, I did not wish to post anything about gender at this point as I have not been able to test any of the theories in my own games. That is why it never was added to any of my guides. So many players have emailed me in desperation, however, that I finally made the post... but now have changed it to an appeal for concrete data from as many players of Cute as possible. I want the following:
1. Date of proposal
2. Date of marriage
3. Date of child's birth and gender of child

Please post your own game results from a CURRENT game so it can be confirmed by the Calendar in your game. Let's try to make this unassailable.

Anonymous said...

I had a girl baby on an odd day witch kinda proves the boy on an odd day theroy wrong.

Anonymous said...

Proposed August 22
Married August 29
Baby Girl, Summer 29

Anonymous said...

Tested this again out of curiosity:

Proposed Aug 29
Married Winter 6
Declared preggy Spring 6
Baby girl born Autumn 6

Anonymous said...

Annnd one more time before bed:

Proposed Winter 4
Married Winter 11
Declared Preggy Spring 11
Baby boy born Autumn 11 (Monday)

So far, the whole even/odd doesn't seem, right, but the baby girls WERE born on Wednesdays, the boy on Monday.

It could be the day of week that determines it, rather than odd/even days.

Also, all the above data correlates to Skye's babies. Mmmm, Skye.

Emily said...

1.) I proposed on Summer 4th,Year 3

2.)I married Skye on Summer 11th Year 3

3.)I had a child Spring 11 Year 4. Mine was a boy, born on an odd day, so the theory worked for me, but I've heard from others that it was just random.

Anonymous said...

And out of curiosity again:

Proposed Winter 6 (Thursday)
Married Winter 13 (Thursday)
Declared Preggy Spring 13 (Saturday)
Baby boy born Autumn 13 (Wednesday)

So yeah, even/odd days don't seem to work, and days of week don't seem to work. The only thing now is date of proposal as far as I can tell for me to test; the girls were born when I proposed in Autumn, the boys born when I proposed in Winter. But it seems that people would have realized by now if it was done by season, so that seems pretty far-fetched. Hmmm.

KalypsoCry said...

Freyashawk, I still haven't got Skye's child - however, on DeviantArt, I put up a comic with Skye in it - and someone commented that she has already had a child with Skye after getting married to him. I asker her how long it took her for her character to get pregnant - but to date she hasn't responded. I'll get to you as soon as I hear from her :)

Freyashawk said...

Thanks every one. In fact, I dedicated a post to thanking players for their data...

Well, KalypsoCry, it seems as though other players still remain as infatuated with Skye as we do, and as you can see from other comments here, they have had no trouble having a child with our greatest heartthrob... and they have had both boys and girls. The players who could not have a child with him must be experiencing a rare glitch of some sort, as they swore they had kept him at maximum AP for more than two seasons, usually the only requirement for pregnancy. The only other possibility is that they never met all the characters in the game, but I can't imagine any player reaching a point where he/she has married without ever meeting all other characters on the Island.

Anonymous said...

I want to post my theory on the gender of the child...

1. Proposed on Summer 17
2. Summer 25
3. Child was born in Spring 25 and my child was a girl

During the time my character was pregenant I had made her faint everyday intill the child was born. I am going to test the fainting trick soon to see if will work again.