Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rejecting your Gifts at Red Heart Level in IoH

In Island of Happiness, the heart levels of characters will continue to increase, even if you never speak to them or give them any more gifts, if you wear the Friendship Pendant and if you continue to make advances in the game (such as bringing new residents to the Island, winning contests and such). What is different in Island of Happiness is the requirement that you speak to an individual regularly if you wish to have ANY gifts accepted by him/her.

For example, with all the bachelors at orange or red heart level now in the game, they will REJECT my gifts if I fail to speak to them regularly. Even a Thanksgiving Gift will be rejected...

Heart levels do not appear to decrease at all when a gift is refused. Once an individual begins to reject your gifts, you need to speak to that individual EVERY DAY for five days in order to lift the 'social curse'. This applies to all individuals and not only eligible bachelors/girls.

Notwithstanding this situation, any bachelor or eligible girl at orange/red heart level WILL accept an invitation to a romantic Festival or Event even at a point when he/she would reject a gift. I have tested this thoroughly now.

The Harvest Goddess Festival is approaching again in my IoH game. Sad to say, the guy I really wish to invite is NOT on the Island once again. Vaughn so far NEVER has been on the Island on 7 Spring, the day on which one makes the invitations to the Harvest Goddess Festival. If I live single long enough, one year the 7th of Spring will fall on a Wednesday or Thursday but at this point, it has not occurred.

I experienced the Harvest Goddess Festival event with all the 'easy' bachelors first: Denny, Elliot and Pierre. This year, I could invite either Mark or Shea, but not Vaughn, only because Vaughn is nowhere to be found.

Rather to my surprise, I discovered that Shea completely ignored this Festival, even at maximum 10 hearts, full red heart level. He continues to speak of his primary concerns: hunting and eating, no matter where we meet! I expect that dancing for the Harvest Goddess may be an 'alien' ritual to him. He certainly did not attend last year, and I daresay he won't be in attendance this year either.

I bowed to the inevitable and asked Mark to go with me. I fancy him in any case, although my heart still is pulled more by Vaughn for some reason. What is infuriating is that Vaughn WILL be at the festival always, and he will squire Sabrina, my RIVAL to it! Somehow, she manages to get to him with her invitation on a day when he is not on the Island... She must have his address and be able to send a trained carrier pigeon to him, as no ships are sailing today.

Tomorrow, therefore, on 8 Spring, however much I enjoy Mark's attentions, my heart will be soured a little by the sight of Vaughn dancing attendance on my Rival, even though she is a friend of mine. The worst moment always is when the bachelors and my Rivals display large red hearts for one another in the course of the dance. I suppose I shouldn't be greedy, though. It is rather exciting to be the 'belle of the ball' on the Island, with all the bachelors in love with me, but ultimately it is far better to allow the Rival Couples to marry.


Anonymous said...

Dear Freya,
Hi. I'm wondering if I should get one of the new games. But I don't really play my Harvest Moon Cute DS. But... I really like my Harvest Moon Magical Melody. Maybe you could advise me?
I love your blog. It's so helpful.

Hikari Blaze said...

Tee hee. I love Vaughn x Sabrina actually. <3

Freyashawk said...

Dear Emma,

If you prefer 'Magical Melody' to 'HM Cute DS', you probably should wait for 'Tree of Tranquility', the upcoming Harvest Moon game for the Wii. It should be released in September. Although every Harvest Moon game is unique, ToT has some of the same atmosphere as Magical Melody.
You can choose where you wish to live and purchase more than one plot of land. The animals that you can raise include Ostriches, and you can keep a number of exotic wild animals as pets once you have befriended them. I cannot write in detail about the game on the internet, because I worked on the official game guide for it, but I would recommend it highly to you. I love IoH as well, but if you don't like the DS games as much, wait for ToT.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I'm so getting your game guide too!

Freyashawk said...

Thanks, Emma. I hope you will enjoy Tree of Tranquility as much as I did. I am looking forward to a chance to play it again actually.

Anonymous said...

I Cant make Marry's Heart to red Its still Black. how to raise the heart? I'm in fall fires year. please help me.....