Monday, June 14, 2010

The Location of the Harvest Goddess Spring in HoLV

A player asked about the location of the Harvest Goddess Spring in a comment on this site, but as I recall my own confusion in the first days of Spring navigating the Map in HoLV, I decided to post some screenshots of it here.

There are two ways of approaching the screen where the Harvest Goddess Spring is located. You can approach it from the east, from the Mallard Lake screen or you can approach from the west, where the Funland headquarters and Mine are located.

It can be somewhat confusing as the river has a number of Spring-like configurations on this screen. In fact, where your access to the river at the far western point of this screen originally is barred by a large boulder, you later will be able to unlock a new fishing spot here by giving Ponta the 11th Fish and requesting a Fish Print of it. By then, you should be familiar enough with the Map not to become further confused!

One way of identifying the Harvest Goddess Spring is by looking for the green Turtle who appears to make it his home. Another is by looking for the large patch of dirt in front of it.

If you access the screen from the east, you first will come upon a little footbridge that leads to an area where two Fruit Trees stand. The one on the right is an Apple Tree yielding one Apple and the one on the left bears two Cranberries. There is a single patch of untilled soil here as well. This is where, when the square has been tilled, the Blue Mist Seed will be planted in the Blue Mist and Azure Swallowtail Quest.

Move left (west) beyond this area along the main path to find the Harvest Goddess Spring on your Character's right. In other words, if you are walking or riding west, you will see the Harvest Goddess Spring to the north. If, however, you descend the stairs from the Mine Entrance area to enter the screen, the Harvest Goddess Spring will be to your left but still on the northern side of the path, naturally.

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