Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cookbook and Items Lists in HoLV

I usually create a separate Items List/Shipping Guide for any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game but with HoLV, I decided to add the Items Lists to the Shops and Businesses Guide. It makes sense as you cannot SHIP items in HoLV, but you can sell them to local merchants.

The Items Lists with their ordinary selling prices are included at the end of the Guide, after the Delivery Requests Lists. So far, I have listed all Crops, all Ranch Products, all Items from the Wilds, Fish, all items from the Mine and all Cooked Dishes. I will add notes as to the merchants who will buy each category of item. I will try to add information as to when any merchant will pay a higher price, although that information is given in the Wanted Items Lists.

As far as the Cookbook is concerned, I have added a Table of Contents that lists all Recipes. Recipes in the Cookbook are organised according to Utensil, mainly because your Kitchen in HoLV is equipped with a Small Pot and a Small Frying Pan. I therefore felt that players would like to know the Recipes that could be made with those basic utensils.

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