Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Rune Factory 3 Site

As with Grand Bazaar, I have created a site for Rune Factory 3. You will find the link on the right side of the page. As always, my Guides will be published by IGN and preliminary Rune Factory 3 Guides should be 'live' later today. As with Grand Bazaar, however, I will publish the most updated versions of all Rune Factory 3 Guides on my Rune Factory 3 site as well.

I had intended to write a review of Rune Factory 3 for this site, but decided that the time would be spent better if I worked on the actual Guides. You therefore will find a preliminary Walkthrough/General Guide, Characters Guide, Items Guide and Cookbook Recipes Guide later today both on my Rune Factory 3 Site and on IGN.

Note to my readers: I have been having trouble accessing these sites of mine to moderate comments lately. Firefox will not allow me to sign into my account. The only way I can do it is through an old version of Internet Explorer. It is very vexing and I hope I can suss out the problem soon as I wish to stay up-to-date with players! I had similar problems with YouTube making it virtually impossible for me to publish viewer's comments on my videos for the past six months or so. I am not very computer-literate. I am primarily a writer and Harvest Moon/Rune Factory fanatic.

One final note: I have not completed work on my Grand Bazaar Guides but I am taking a break to work on Rune Factory 3. There have been so many wonderful new Harvest Moon and Rune Factory titles in the past couple of years that I never can do justice to any of them, it seems...

Freyashawk's Rune Factory 3 Site

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ra9una (alias) said...

thanks for the hard work Freya.