Friday, October 23, 2009

No Forwards Please, please, please!

My email address is available to all players for game questions and I try religiously to respond to all questions. There are so many of these that players sometimes do not receive as speedy a response as I would wish. I would like to repeat an old request NOT to add me to your forwarding list. I know that many people want to share amusing emails but I cannot deal with them. They clog my box and prevent me from paying attention to important emails. Please remove my address from your forwarding lists. Otherwise, I shall be required to label your emails as 'Spam' and if you have a REAL game question, your email will be in the Spam Folder where it may not be seen...

Thank you very much for your consideration.


D Figman said...

Darn, I had like 100 chain letters I was going to send you. Now how are you going to get lucky, get rich, save a dying kid, find your true love, and hold off ghost by sending 20 e-mails to your friends!? =)

I completely understand Freya. I really hate those chain letter, and crazy forwards. A friend runs a online business, but since he never changed his business and social account half is e-mails are forwards.

Freyashawk said...

Haha... thanks for refraining and for understanding! Although IGN long ago advised me to remove my email address from every Guide, I still include it in order to be accessible for questions from desperate players. I simply can't sustain the bulk when forwards are sent to me as well. I do not want to block the senders but that is what will have to be done if it continues like this.