Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spring Thanksgiving with Mark, Vaughn and Elliot

As in many Harvest Moon games, the Spring Thanksgiving is the occasion on which boys give Cookies to girls they like. It actually is the 'second' of the Thanksgiving Festivals, oddly enough. The first is the 'Winter Thanksgiving' on 14 Winter, on which girls give Chocolate or Chocolate Cake to boys they like. The Spring Thanksgiving gift is considered to be a gift 'in return'. Many characters actually will refer to the original Winter Thanksgiving gift when they give the girl Cookies or Chocolate Cookies. It appeared to me that the bachelors with the highest Heart Levels gave Chocolate Cookies while the others gave Cookies. If this is the case, then it is a good strategy to have bachelors at different heart levels, as you then will be able to obtain a larger selection of items.

(In HM Boy & Girl, this certainly was the case. One could receive either Chocolate or the appropriate baked item. Ironically, Chocolate, the gift given at lowest heart levels, was the more difficult item to obtain in THAT game so one actually benefited if one did not have all eligible characters at the highest heart levels at the time of the Thanksgiving Festival.)

I received both Cookies and Chocolate Cookies in 'Island of Happiness' and the bachelors adhered to a regular schedule of visits as in 'More Friends of Mineral Town' and 'Harvest Moon Cute DS'. I had to re-enter my house each time to experience the visit, so could not wander far from home throughout the day on 14 Spring. It was worth the sacrifice, however, as I received gifts from ALL the bachelors.

I have to admit that I am torn between Vaughn and Mark for my final choice of Spouse.
Vaughn is difficult to court mainly because he visits the island only for a couple of days each week and is absent in the first year on the day of many of the Romantic Festivals. Very frustrating! I would have loved to have spent the Starry Night Festival with him, but he was absent on the day when the invitation would have had to have been made. I was thrilled when he came to my house bearing a gift on 14 Spring... it was not one of the days when he was scheduled to be on the Island!

In this post, I have included screenshots of the Thanksgiving visits of Elliot, Vaughn and Mark. Note the lovely 'picturebook' title on the upper screen. Every Event in IoH has its own screen title and many have their own signature music. The Romantic Heart Events title screen is particularly lovely.


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Freyashawk said...

Anon, this ALWAYS will occur when you give the wrong response in the course of any Heart Event. It does not prevent you from experiencing the next Heart Event once you reach the required (Blue) level. It only means that it will take longer than it would have done had you made the correct response, as the correct response would have increased his Heart Level by 3000 points instead of decreasing it by 2000 points.

In IoH, though, by giving the wrong response, you no longer can experience the same Blue Heart Event you would have experienced otherwise. You now will experience a DIFFERENT Blue Heart Event when Vaughn reaches Blue Heart Level.

At present, only the quickest 'path' of events from Introduction to Marriage is included in my Courtship and Marriage Guide but I am adding all the alternate events. I will try to complete that in the next day or so... when you manage to bring Vaughn to blue heart level, my guide should have all possible events for every character.

It will take longer for you to raise Vaughn's heart level than any other bachelor simply because he is on the Island only on Wednesdays and Thursdays... Hmm... that gives me a little more time to complete the alternate Heart Event paths for you.

Freyashawk said...

P.S. Anonymous, you posted the same comment three times. I know you are desperate for help, but you only need to post it once. If you see that I rejected two of your comments, it is because you sent the same comment three times, so I published only one of them.

Freyashawk said...

Wait a minute. What you call the first heart event is what I term the second: the Blue Heart Event. So the next Event you need to experience is the alternate Yellow Heart Event. Anyway, ALL alternate events will be added to my Courtship and Marriage Guide in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

I have a question and i really am confused about this, ive looked it up every where and i cannot seem to find out if denny has a green heart event or not. If so how do i activate it?

Freyashawk said...

There is no Green Heart Event. Do not confuse Heart Events with Rival Heart Events. There is a Green Rival Heart Event but that is not part of YOUR Courtship path. A Rival Heart Event enables your rival to marry the girl/guy.
Heart Events occur traditionally at the following levels:
Black Heart Event
Purple Heart Event
Blue Heart Event
Yellow Heart Event

In IoH, the Introduction Event constitutes the Black Heart Event.
After Blue Heart, the final Heart Event occurs at Yellow Heart.

IoH is a little more complex in that, should you give the WRONG response during the course of any heart event, the next one that you experience will be different (in text and sometimes even location) from the one that a player giving the RIGHT response would experience. They still occur at the traditional heart levels, however.

At present, my Courtship Guide includes only the fastest, most direct path from Courtship to Marriage but I intend to add all the alternate events as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

Wait, so you CAN'T get to red in IoH?

Freyashawk said...

Anon, you are confused about Heart levels and Heart Events apparently. There is no Red Heart Event. The last heart event is the Yellow Heart Event. You must bring the bachelor or girl to deepest red heart level, however, before your proposal will be accepted, as well as satisfying all other requirements for marriage.

10 Hearts is the equivalent for deepest red heart level. In the case of most bachelors and eligible girls, you will see a red heart displayed on the screen. In the case of Shea and the Witch Princess, no heart display is included on the screen but you can find their heart levels still in the Individuals List.

Anonymous said...

Please help; I saw all the heart events that is required for Vaughn's marraige and his heart is red, but when I ask him to marry me he says, 'Not ready to settle down yet. Sorry.' Why does this happen & how can I fix it? Also, I have all the main characters and the church.

Freyashawk said...

Anon, do you have the Husband Bed? Have you met the Harvest Goddess? There are general marriage requirements as well as those specific to each bachelor.
You did not mention the Husband Bed or the Harvest Goddess, so I would assume you may be lacking one of those.