Friday, October 5, 2007

The Essences of 'My Sims'

I now have spent a little more time both with the Wii and DS versions of 'My Sims'. Essentially, both games are 'Animal Crossing' with building added to the mix. There is a slight echo of Sims 2 for the DS in the idea of making tourists happy by improving the village. (In Sims2 for the DS, one ran a hotel and built or ordered improvements and renovations to advance the plot.)

The Wii is lightweight, elegant, versatile and creative, but I am not the only player who finds the Wii-mote absolutely exhausting. The sheer effort of trying to place a single building block on top of another one is mind-boggling when compared to the ease with which one could perform the same task on a PC, GameCube or PS2.
The dual control of the wii-mote and the nunchuk requires some adjustment as well. Perhaps I shall become a devout fan of the system but at the moment, my wrist aches and I find myself taking a break from the Wii version of My Sims not because I have tired of the game itself but because I physically am weary and somewhat frustrated.

Both versions of the game are extremely intriguing in terms of concept and gameplay. With respect to the Wii game, the game is centred on 'essences'. 'Essences' are objects that can be acquired through conversation, excavation, farming, fishing and other means. The 'essences' can be used to build, decorate or paint furniture. Different individuals are attracted by different essences. For example, there are 'cute' and 'spooky' essences, inter alia. If you use many 'spooky' essences in building and decorating, you will attract individuals who respond to 'spooky' elements into your area.

I do miss 'Rune Factory', I have to admit. I definitely have not tired of THAT Harvest Moon game, and I haven't even touched 'Harvest Moon Boy and Girl' yet, alas.
Nonetheless, 'My Sims' is worth some time and energy. I suspect that, like 'Animal Crossing', it is a game that becomes more addictive in the course of gameplay.

I hope to send a preliminary General Guide for the Wii and DS versions of 'My Sims' to IGN either on Monday or Tuesday.

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